The Last Days of Magic by Mark Tompkins

Artes Magicae

Angels, the beings God created first, could access Divine Energy directly. God soon saw that this was not going to work, as the power corrupted some angels and they began to think of themselves as equal to God. This led to strife and battles between angel factions. So God made a second type of beings, humans, without […]

Ireland & the Middle Kingdom

Most Sidhe (Irish faeries) live in the Middle Kingdom, a hidden parallel land. It is accessed through magical doorways, typical in faerie mounds. Humans that have sufficient skill with magic, or are invited, can also enter. Click on the image below for a map of medieval Ireland showing the major locations used in The Last […]

Magical Beings

The Last Days of Magic’s Celtic faeries and Fomorians (merpeople) are based on old legends. The Goddess Morrígna is drawn from Irish mythology, and the trials of Aisling, one of her physical aspects, is founded on the lore of Red Mary. The angels and demons that appear originate from biblical and ancient sources. MORRÍGNA (morr-ē-gna) […]