The Last Days of Magic’s Celtic faeries and Fomorians (merpeople) are based on old legends. The Goddess Morrígna is drawn from Irish mythology, and the trials of Aisling, one of her physical aspects, is founded on the lore of Red Mary. The angels and demons that appear originate from biblical and ancient sources.



A Goddess who manifests in three interconnected aspects to rule over the Celts and the Sidhe: twin girls periodically reborn in human bodies (always called Aisling and Anya) and an Otherworld spirit who is the twins source of power (called Anann).



Hybred offspring produced when fallen angels procreated with humans. All of the magical beings below are different branches of Nephilim.



Irish faeries, most of whom live in a parallel land called the Middle Kingdom—accessed through enchanted doorways in faerie mounds—within a structured society. They owe allegiance to the Morrígna. In order of appearance:

  • SKEAGHSHEE: Tree Sidhe who live outside the Middle Kingdom
  • ADHENE: Scholars, the most powerful clan
  • GROGOCH: Stoneworkers and builders
  • DEVAS: Administrators and bureaucrats of the Middle Kingdom
  • GNOMES: Skilled ironworkers and weapon makers
  • BROWNIES: Ambassadors to the Celtic world
  • SLUAGHS: Guides who usher the dead to the afterlife
  • PIXIES: Tricksters who love leading humans astray
  • FIRE SPRITES: Controllers of fire and feared warriors
  • LEPRECHAUNS: Gold and silver artisans and jewelers
  • DRYADS: Tree Sidhe who live in oaks; subservient to Skeaghshee
  • WICHTLEIN: Miners and tunnel builders
  • ASRAIS: Hedonists dedicated to physical pleasure; concubines



Magical creatures who live independently and whose allegiance can be influenced.

  • FOMORIANS: Hostile water dwellers
  • IMPS: Servants of demons
  • BANSHEE: Messengers of death

Elioud mentioned but do not live in Ireland: GIANTS, GOBLINS, TROLLS, NEREIDS, VODYANOY, SIRENS, NUGGLE, and NIX.


(tal-with taig)

Welsh faeries that sometimes visit Ireland.


CELTS are the native Irish, and while they are not magical beings it is worth noting that they and other humans use magic.

  • DRUIDS: Celtic pagan magic workers
  • EXORCISTS: Vatican magicians
  • WITCHES & SORCERERS: Other Human magic workers